I can sound a little bit like a broken record on this blog - there are some facts that simply don't ever change when it comes to fitness and health, workouts and nutrition.

The number one thing that no one in the world can argue is that exercise is good for everything, and not exercising is good for absolutely nothing.  What kind of exercise or extent of exertion is going to vary for everybody, but ultimately, if you have a live body, there is something you are supposed to be doing with it besides fluttering around in your own headspace.

The #1 reason to exercise is that it is your positive push. We all know about life cycles - good times are met with hard times, we flutter between challenges and uprisings as a constant.  That's part of being human. What you do with your body, and how you manage your lifestyle is the one thing that you can control. It is the one way in your power to flip the switch of a hard time (think - when you're hit with a particular period of pain or stress) and to elevate yourself and leave it below you.  And this isn't some optimistic nonsense, it's a fact nobody can argue. 

Finding the right way of exercising and eating for you, specifically, will help you avoid chronic (and even acute) illness. It battles and often beats depression. I've seen it many times over. It gives you a sense of feeling "on top" of your body, your internal well-being and your life. Your physical health will improve, of course! But so too will your mental. And the too are so intrinsically linked. 

I'm just going to go ahead and quote Biggie Smalls "We went from negative to positive and it's alllll goooood."  This is your method.

If you're moving through something tricky, if you feel a little on your head, or even if you're feeling pretty complete and fulfilled but just wonder what can give you that extra leg up on life, believe me the proper workouts and approach to eating will do it.  When we tidy up these essential and yet simple things, simple in the grand focus of livelihood, your system of living finds a more seamless order. 

So the answer is: The most important reason to exercise is that it is your ultimate positive push, your elevation and your uprising. Get your own proper guidance, get UP, and get on top.  We're waiting here to show you. :) 

And one more final thought after a deep reflection upon listening to a woman discuss her battle with cancer this morning on the radio - because, inspiration is being flung at us from everywhere if we are attuned and look for it - do not take your life or your health for granted. Keep it in motion, push it forward, and be sure you are doing what you can to spend your time here in the best possible way.

Have a great week.