I've posted this dressing in a previous post about salads (see "The Red Carpet of Meals - Lean, Dressed Up Salads"). But, upon request, I'm going to put it right front and centre. Everybody I have ever served a salad with this salad dressing has requested the recipe or repeated servings. If you want to please guests with a very simple thing, knock 'em dead with an arugula salad, sprinkled with goat cheese, pecans and this dressing:

2 parts olive oil 1 part balsamic vinegar salt and pepper to taste basil (fresh chopped or dry sprinkled) a dollop of dijon mustard a dollop of real, pure maple syrup

Taste it as you go. Whisk it up, pour it on, and await compliments.

Bottled dressings are gross. They have tons of weird things in them. Keep these ingredients on hand and you can whip this up anytime, quickly. It makes salads a million times more appealing - and the more often we stuff good greens in our mouths the better!

Happy chomping!