Well, this is a very frequently debated topic. I can't say 100% what is right and what is wrong, that is really up to the individual. But I will voice my opinion - that is the purpose of a blog. It is favourable that individuals eat predominantly things that grow out of the ground, and foods that are the least tampered with by human beings (we really tend to mess things up in production!). A vegetarian diet can be very healthy, when it is balanced with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and protein sources like legumes and tofu / soy products. Many people are criticizing tofu and soy products these days because some of them are genetically modified. At one of my recent nutrition courses, I asked a trusted professional her opinion on this debate. She said frankly, which I wholeheartedly repeat: "There is too much good in these foods, to focus on the modification as a major flaw. Eating modified vegetarian proteins, that are still sourced from the ground and generally healthy, is far better than consuming poor quality meats that have been injected with hormones and antibiotics, and ill-kept." So, there. I love tofu. I eat it or other soy products a couple times / week. I have a sensitive awareness to my body's system that tells me quickly if something is bad for me, and I have NEVER had any red flags from tofu. Now, that isn't scientific backing, that is my strong instinct. But that is what I'm sharing with you. Meat on the other hand, my body has angrily warned me against more often than not. I am not meat-bashing, I do believe in the food chain, and that humans are designed to deal with some meats in their systems. We do, of course, need all of the amino acids (complete proteins) for proper muscle repair. But, I think it is up to the individual to decide how their body responds to meat. North American society just consumes far too much of it. And the way that it is over-consumed is not so much as a nice chicken breast from a butcher on a plate with brown rice and vegetables, as it is in processed foods such as chicken wings, strips, nuggets, pot pies, on frozen pizzas.... Think about this quality of meat: When people become addicted to these foods because of the sodium, additives, preservatives, chemicals and sugar, they consume mass quantities of it. To meet the demand, the industry has become incredibly compromising with its farming practices... including the way it keeps and raises its animals. This is what disgusts me. THAT is gluttony, ignorance, and lack of compassion for the food (and the creatures that provide it) that we are eating.

Oh dear, I've digressed in a slight rant. How do I sum up from here? Try to respect the food that you are eating, whether you decide to wipe out meat altogether, or wouldn't even consider dismissing it. I, for example, consume a largely vegetarian diet, because my body prefers legumes, tofu, grains and fruits and vegetables to meat. That being said, if I crave meat, my body is telling me it needs it, and I eat it. Of course, I try to choose carefully as I know consuming some poor, sick animal is going to backfire in my psyche and affect my physicality badly. I love sushi, I love fish - but these foods are also becoming so popular and are being over-fished. Fish about twice a week, meat once to three times a week should be sufficient for everyone. It's important to experiment with the many wholesome foods the planet provides, cruelty-free.

So, listen to your body. Consume meat, if you desire it, in moderation. Eat clean foods, free of anti-biotics (stop letting these ignorant, soul-less mass-producers make money off torturing and manipulating animals, and ailing us) and then enjoy a healthier, more energetic and kinder existence.

Processed foods are ruining ALL living things. For those who care little about animals, be aware that a diet of "fake" foods is deforming you form the inside-out, too.

If you are considering becoming a vegetarian, or adding more vegetarian products to your diet, don't hesitate to contact me for recipes and nutritional advice. Guiding people to clean themselves out and clean up the pattern of this sick planet is something I happen to be very passionate about.