Health experts are all over the map on this one.  There are so many angles to this debate. I am going to give you my opinion, the one that I practice and the one that I preach.

Our bodies are designed to detox naturally, so long as we treat them well.  From my experience, when clients have detoxed, they've struggled with being so hungry only to binge afterwards and gain back any weight that they have lost (most weight lost is not body fat, simply water and sometimes muscle).  Because you can lose muscle, and because during most detoxes you are consuming far too few calories, the resting metabolic rate suffers.  When your metabolic rate suffers, you tend to get fat.

If losing or gaining fat is your last concern, perhaps you just need to clean up your nutrition to be feeling better.  We don't need to cleanse our bodies with drastic diet changes (of course this depends on the shape of your diet to begin with).  We simply need to eat the foods our bodies need, and avoid the foods they don't, when possible.  If you are eating really well 80-90% of the time, strength-training, doing cardiovascular activity and limiting stress, your body will whisk away your "indulgences", or dietetic mistakes... the label depends on what they are!

I've said this before and I will say it again: our bodies are complex and magnificent.  Let them do their thing, and support the process by treating them consistently well.  Getting into a consistent routine of being WELL, LEAN and FULL OF VITALITY is far more effective than dipping and peaking year-round with diets and detoxes - torturing your metabolism with indecision. This often leads to mass fat storage over the years.  You want to be able to stand up at 55 years old, right?

Find your balance and work it - you will be cleaned out naturally, energetic and feeling your absolute best.

There are specific food items that you can decrease (wheat) and increase (fibre) in order to start feeling better, sooner.  If you have questions about an appropriate speed and tactic with which to try this, please contact me first.  Professional guidance is really important if you don't know what you're doing.  I would love to help.