My energy is a bit low, but I have to suggest the following: Running is way to regenerate ourselves. It helps us create and re-create ourselves. It helps us to move away from the bad and toward the good - figuratively and literally. It helps us move freely - to dodge and jump and follow our calling.

It allows us to process our thoughts, change our minds, loosen up our stress and remind ourselves of our capabilities. It allows us to surprise ourselves.

Training our bodies is the one thing we can control. We can't control how we come about and how we leave this world, but we can control how we spend our time in our physicality.

Runners push forward, challenge themselves, and often raise money for those who need it.

What happened yesterday was a forced halt, a massive attempt to tailspin us into darkness. It counters the spirit of the sport.

This physical activity is one of the most progressive things we can do in life. You take care, you progress. And in that positive light, I am thinking of you charging onward.

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