My clients laugh at me when I tell them they need to be relaxed while they train.  Whether it's running, sports specific training or HIIT / strength moves, you need a certain level of calm in order to streamline your energy to the appropriate places, and not let it get trapped up in the wrong ones.  So, I first ensure that clients are comfortable and confident, even laughing if necessary, when we begin our work together. You have to always start at the right level for the individual in order to be able to build properly from there, and not throw too much at the body so that it is seized up in order to counter the wrong approach.

When we are stressed, our shoulders are lifted up by our ears, our spines are rounded forward, lungs collapsed and muscles tensed but not loaded.  For proper muscle loading, we must straighten the spine, relax the shoulders, engage muscles of the cylinder (core, shoulder blades, glutes), encourage complete breathing and blood flow. 

Often times people think that you have to amp yourself up in a panic to do an intense workout.  This is not true. For those who dislike running, the key is actually to calm down and centre yourself in order to be able to go harder, longer. You have to engage the core, focus on your breathing (keeping it consistent and monotonous), keep the neck long and land softly on your feet. 

Not only does learning these tricks align well with proper form, correct postural imbalances and lead to faster results, but it also helps the participant to connect better with their intentions.  When you relax or quiet the parts of the body not meant to seize up, and channel your energy to the parts that you want in the lead, you strengthen the mind body connection essential for enjoying your work and your progress.  And guess what that leads to?  Consistency. And guess what that leads to? Permanent results.

If you workout well, you will get great results and you will enjoy it.  Then, you can strengthen a lifelong relationship with fitness.