The special at our beloved Fresh Restaurants (Toronto) for the month of January is the Chopped Detox Salad.  

So many people (by the urging of all we health professionals) do avoid eating out with friends, drinks and heavy foods in January after an indulgent holiday season.  Luckily, Fresh offers clean-eating alternatives for those of us who like to stay on top of our game.  Well, for January they've come up with a special that is extra satisfying, extra nutrient-rich and extra clean for those of us who still want to go out and be social, but want to stick to our goals of moving in the right direction. It certainly won't break the bank, either, if frugality is an intention after an attitude of finance-as-fiction in December.

This crunchy, satiating beauty is composed of cauliflower, fennel, red cabbage, purple kale, brussel sprouts and is topped with goji berries, sliced almonds and parsley.  What you have then is a colourful, high fibre and nutritious concoction to add vibrancy to your insides during our toughest winter month. You're getting a perfect amount of healthy fats with the almond slices and whatever dressing you choose off their menu. All of the dressings are made from pure & real ingredients.  The dressing drizzled on the salad in the photo is the Tahini dressing, featuring fats coming from sesame seeds (mm).  The salad is only $6, with the option to add fresh tempeh or tofu at an extra charge.  I recommend tossing some protein on top for added flavour and to sustain those boosted energy levels.

If you're looking for a clean takeout lunch or dinner, or want to stay on track while getting out to a warm space to socialize, give this dish a shot!

Isn't it pretty?