I'm writing in a little breakfast room in the town of Tavira in the Algarve region of Portugal. I've been gone about a week and a half now, and planned to do buckets more writing than I've actually gotten around to. It takes time to declutter your own brain, and then it takes time to soak in some cleansing sights and breaths... it takes time to "turnover" your creativity and your thoughts. I still have things churning in me but I have a couple of quiet days here, and I might as well try to knead out some of this action. The biggest running thread in my life and in the lives of both those I work with and socialize with is the challenge of self-fulfillment, clogged creativity and feeling insufficient (a conversation with a friend just last night really spiked this last bit).

Our world, still wonderful, is becoming strange in a way. We are encouraged to be so available to everybody all the time. I will add a quick note here that being available is my favourite part of life - where I may fall short, being available to someone who might need me, if they just say the words, is not a thing I've ever been willing to compromise on. It's important to me. But besides relationships, in the world of social media and in social situations in general, we are floating around being pre-determined by individuals with their own sensitivities, hang ups and opinions at all times. It can affect how we react as well, and can take us further away from ourselves.

If you are spinning or feeling clogged (like your own authenticity is not breathing clearly - maybe you're running around on the surface filling in your gaps with temporary solutions), then I want to present you with an idea.

*If you're bending over in every direction, you're never fully looking ahead for yourself. Or around you. And if you don't do this, life will pass by quickly, abruptly and sometimes even abusively. Life can take a bite out of you and leave you starving.*

This may sound dramatic, perhaps its extremes aren't necessary. Maybe it's not applicable to me, or to you, today. But on some days it is. We are in a world now where we have to decide how much of ourselves to share, and what is self-fulfilling and what is self-preserving. I think I'm pretty committed to transparency at this point, because I really think we all owe each other some realness to support one another inadvertently, while completely supporting ourselves. And in doing so, it's vital that you push back or step yourself back to make sure you have the time and space that you need for your authenticity, self-fulfillment and creativity. This needs to be done at all costs. People around you will adapt, usually much more easily than you anticipate. Children? It's good for them to experience boredom occasionally. From this boredom they will develop and nurture their OWN creativity. Daydreaming is important. Being left alone with your brain is important. I am not a parent, and I'm careful not to take ownership over ideas that apply to things that I've not yet experienced, but I care about individual development and I do think that when we value ourselves and our own needs, the people around us actually deal with things in healthier ways.

Stand tall.

My trip, personally, was for some focused creative gardening after a long few years of build up. Not an escape, but with my attention span having gotten to as short a place as it has (like my traveler's psoas), I did need some wandering space for my brain and also to focus on my own health and fitness, to come home BETTER. A facial for my insides! I find I'm speaking so much these days with clients and friends alike about the concept of weeding. Removing debris to nurture what's left and even maybe to let new things grow.

Don't be afraid to take what you need for yourself. I support you, I know the rest of us will only benefit from your shiny, healthy & cleared authentic self.

Now I'll get this site back on fitness & nutrition matters. Because out of this trip I've birthed a new platform, a creative project, as integral to health as the way we move and the foods we eat. Stay tuned, and have a great weekend.