Now is the time. Trainers, magazines, coaches and dieticians are all posting their top tips for keeping everybody on track through the holidays. Why? Because it's hard - and because we professionals do not like to see you discouraged come January. Discouragement is the most dangerous feeling in the world of wellness, because it simply spurs a snowball of reckless behaviour and more feelings of UGH. Here are MY tips for getting through this typically gluttonous and hands-in-the-air season:

#1 - Know that you don't WANT to fall off track and feel large, swollen and lethargic. Know that it isn't worth 3 seconds of taste on your tongue from one two many chocolate something-or-others.

#2 - Eat a small meal before a party. Typical hors d'oeuvres in the winter are very different from summer. In the summer we get vegetables and hummus and shrimp cocktails, and in the winter we are surrounded by sausage rolls and fried shrimp. Do NOT arrive on an empty stomach or these fat-laden blood-sugar-spiking blobs will be the only things you'll be interesting in ingesting.

#3 - WORKOUT. Chances are really good you'll be consuming a little (or a lot) more booze and extravagant morsels than your average month. You have to keep your metabolism revved so that you can still see straight and smile on occasion come the January blizzards.

#5 - Ignore peer pressure. Come on, we're not in grade 2 anymore. Stand up for your own preservation of your wellness. You're still fun if you have 1-2 drinks versus 12, and some tidy food versus shiny, greasy slosh. (Is slosh a word? Is now.)

#6 - If grandma is bullying you into eating another or even a first monster helping of artery-clogging crust-mongering pie, smile and say "nah, but it's so beautiful. I need to be able to move later." If someone is really pushing you to eat something that will make you feel like crap after, it is THEIR problem and certainly not yours. Graciously decline.

#7 - Stop buying people chocolates as a gift. Everyone gets sick of it but yet keeps eating it. Too much sugar stimulates the hormone "ghrelin" which spikes appetite. Stop the madness.

#8 - Hungover? Eat a potato and move on with your life. You don't need the cow-fat-gravy and mounds of cheese, too.

#9 - Everything in moderation, sure. But not a month of it. Take 1-2 days to loosen up a bit - but remind yourself you PREFER healthy food because it makes you FEEL better. Don't fall off track for a month just because you feel it's the norm. That's a big fat lie we tell ourselves!

#10 - Enjoy the time with friends and family. The food and drinks are a little sprinkle of… something sweet on top.

Happy Holidays, friends. xo

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