Today has been a quiet, contemplative day for me.It is incredibly cold outside, but I woke up with such a positive energy, and an unfamiliar sense of festivity. I unleashed myself on the shops grabbing small things for people who make me smile the most. There is nothing better than caring about people to the point of imagining what will make them smile, and creating that moment. Sometimes we do this with stuff, sometimes without. Either way, going after that smile is an enjoyable activity.

The day was changed (as most days are, at a certain point - most include ups and downs) with a surprise health call. Whether it pertains to me or to someone I know is quite irrelevant - it really got my head spinning about how we treat our bodies.

There are so many things in life that work against our good health. Toxicity in the environment, our own ignorance to the things we eat, laziness caused by our sedentary workplaces, genetics...

My big question, however, surrounds the things we can control. After receiving news - again, nothing dramatic, but enough to spur reflectivity - I happened to go on Facebook. Two statuses sat one on top of the other, posts made by Facebook Friends of mine (as we know there is often a difference between "friends" and "facebook friends"). One discussed a battle with cancer, the next was one of many posts regarding getting "f---ed up" tonight at the bar.

I'm not even sure what to write next, as my thoughts are just so obvious. Young people are getting sick. Old people are getting sick too, and neither is more comfortable than the other necessarily, but there is something wrong with our way of going about things if we are degenerating early. Now, I am absolutely NOT saying that people who get sick young have caused their illness by ignorance to their health. But when you look around you, when you are aware that people are dying young, spending too much time in hospitals, when their loved ones are deeply pained... it should be urging everyone to live more healthfully, to try to prevent such tragedy as wholeheartedly as possible.

I am quite healthy, but we all lose sight of why we need to treat our bodies well.   There are a few people on my Facebook Friends list whose statuses day after day are miserable, and boasting about self-destruction - making a mockery of being well. This is what really bums me out - because they're not thinking about that self-destructiveness sending their cells into chaos, and potentially making their lives a hell of a lot more mundane (hospital bed) and causing emotional suffering of those they care about. Sadly, it does take a tragedy to get us to smarten up sometimes.

But hopefully sometimes a girl's thoughts and written expression can spur that change too. This is more of a diarist entry, but I wanted to share my progression of thought over the course of the day. The happy day isn't necessarily ending sadly - we need to hit these profound thoughts now and then to really melt into what we believe. And then practice more along the lines of what we believe. I believe in investing in the body to do what you can to ward off tragedy. Treat yourself well.  With RESPECT.  If you don't know how, LEARN! And then that amazing feeling of making people smile, sharing life with beautiful people, goes on...and on...