I was just listening to callers calling in on a CBC Radio 1 show discussing whether or not graphic warning labels should be slapped onto unhealthy foods. Many opinions were called in - some feel that the graphic photos would be offensive, some feel that the graphic photos NEED to be offensive to spur the change in our eating habits, since obesity is a rising murderer in our society.

The calls I enjoyed most were those discussing further nutritional education, in the EARLY years of school. Yes, parents need to be educated in order to teach and feed their children, so that they will go on to take better care of their own lives. When children are raised on nutritionally-void and high-calorie foods, they more likely than not engage in a lifelong battle against their early-leached addictions.

Is choosing and creating a healthy meal not a necessary life skill? I mean, if our insides are dying from improper nutrition, what good are all of the other skills we are attaining? If there is no wellness, there is little productivity anyway. If we were ill and / or dying, how valuable are our math skills? Children must be learning to take care of their bodies. The body houses the life, the life makes all of these other academic exercises possible. In other words, nutrition is at the root of our existence. You can argue that all you want. It is not just a being a trainer that makes me so sure of this - it's a proven fact.

So, let's go to the very root. If children are learning why nutrition rules the world in the early years, they will have this knowledge to last their lifetime. They will teach THEIR children how to feed themselves, why to eat what. When they go to the grocery store, whether there are threatening photos on junk food or not, they will be well-advised what amount of the "indulgence" is safe and what amount is not. Trying to manipulate people with advertising isn't going to do a lot of good unless people know, deep inside, why eating well and balanced is important and how to do it.

There is my opinion. What is yours?

No doubt about it, this is an incredibly important topic.