Happy Boxing Day! We all made it out of the parties, malls and mania alive. But feeling good? The number one reason why I halted my over-indulgence through the holidays is because I knew what it would lead me to feel: lethargic, restless, impatient and battling an intermittent headache. Maintaining a waistline is not enough reason to keep the food fantasies tame during the holidays, because it can become less important depending on who you're with and what kind of mood you might be in. But, if you know you're going to feel awful, unwell and irritable around the most celebrated and family-packed time of year, chances are really good you're going to decline that which will make all of the work feel like a waste. A waste because, while unwell, you will enjoy all of the fun and relaxing far less.

Exercise and eating clean is not like a dry 9-5 you want to try to avoid taking into your personal time. It's as personal and self-serving as it gets! In my opinion, when you have time off during the holidays or while on vacation, you should be celebrating WITH activity and exercise. Letting your body move and feel great in all of those different positions that take you far away from sitting at a desk or pounding office carpet in high heels and other dress shoes. Exercising over the holidays makes you ENJOY your holidays even more. So why not invest 20-30 minutes? And if you don't have time for that, you've taken too much on. Put your damn foot down that you need the release. Workouts are good for us, so they feel good. And if at the moment, your workouts aren't feeling good, you need to explore different kinds, pay your body a ton of respect and move through challenges with patience and acceptance of its athletic level. The only way to make it more enjoyable is to work with your body and move through it.

All it really takes is changing how you think about exercise - it is an enjoyable, indulgent and refreshing ALL-positive experience.

So, celebrate your holidays with good company, relaxation and keeping your body refreshed with exercise and healthy food.

That is the ultimate way to celebrate life - contribute everything back into it.