I haven't been sleeping well. I guess I'm having that normal 28 year-old run-wild thought processing, trying to figure out how on earth we will manage to do all of the things we want to do before we die. Time really does start to pass more quickly with each year.

So, I've been bulldozing through my workouts. Trying to check them off. I call it the "get-by workout" - the one that you never feel like you experience. You feel like you're being dragged through it from beginning to end.

Well, today that had to stop. I had a very early client, and instead of waking with my alarm at 5:30, I woke at 4:15. Brain running amok. (Wow - amok is a really satisfying word to use.) I will blame lack of sleep for my ramblings. I am tired, yeah. I'm a little worn out. IT HAPPENS. But I couldn't bear another "get-by workout" today.

Thankfully, I simply thought about how terrible it is to loaf and trudge around when you're exhausted. THAT feels like becoming best friends with death. Better, isn't it, to pump blood through your veins to feel more alive? To have endorphins and adrenaline rushing, and to feel the circulation pulsing through, bringing sweat beads to the surface? It certainly disguises any sleepiness, in the fastest way possible. And now I feel brand new. It is ALL about your attitude. My brain won't rest, and it's challenging my body. So, screw it. I fought through - I hit the treadmill. Luckily I had some new music to propel me forward and peak my interest throughout my run and upper body workout. Music with my workout is a way for me to feel like I'm partying - with all the fun, and without the hangover. And given the fact that once you hit 28 you get horribly hungover after two drinks… this is my new party time. :)

Grab this free download, and go make yourself feel alive. Sweat.

Happy Endings Mix - Dj Illo

Yesterday's workout music: