I am a very natural trainer. What I mean is, I work to guide clients to change their root desires. To show them that not only does a healthy lifestyle make you LOOK better, but it makes you FEEL as though you are living the best possible way. And to then want more of that kind of living. I never assign diets. I teach my clients the information they deserve to know about the actions of the foods they are eating. I teach them why we exercise in certain ways, why we let our bodies take the lead, learning from the body first and foremost.

Once I provide correct training methods and as much information as I feel a client needs to start with regarding nutrition, I will begin arriving to sessions and listening to enthusiastic accounts of what the client has learned while left on their own.

I had been smiling and listening to one particular client stress and confess about his sugar addiction. I listened about his mindless, zombie-like stumbles to the freezer for truffles and ice cream bars throughout the day. These freezer visits weren't giving him any satisfaction or any joy - they were giving him feelings of disorder, lack of control, guilt and anxiety.

I carefully coached that the more sugar you eat, the more you want to eat. So fixing these negative feelings meant simply working harder at recognizing this for only a few days, and then the problem would begin to correct itself.

I am happy to say that this client is having one luxurious bowl of ice cream per week, and no longer fussing in his head about what may or may not be sitting in his freezer. And here is how it works: He knew why he was overeating. He knew he didn't enjoy any part of it. He knew he was slowing his progress, and tainting a process that he loves so dearly (the process of our workouts).

When you are simply educated about foods that are rich with nutrition, and those that spur negative feelings, there is no contest. When you are training correctly and changing your entire physicality from the inside out, you PREFER the foods and activities that facilitate this new lifestyle. There is no need for diets, for restrictions or for negative motivation. The act of becoming truly healthy is one of the most enjoyable. And the results are real.

So, alter your state of mind, be on your body's team, and then have whatever your heart desires.

* photo found @ www.icecreammaster.net