Doing a massive wellness overhaul is one of the most difficult things to undertake in life, hands down. It involves busting an addiction to fake foods (almost all of us have this to some degree - it's difficult these days not to), re-organizing one's psychology to keep moving, to quiet some thoughts and illuminate others.It requires so much mental strength, and the recruiting of all the physical strength to burst through the frustration of the psychological walls. When you have a long weight loss journey ahead of you, giving up is incredibly easy. All you have to do is NOT put forth the effort to that one workout, instead hit the drive-thru window one more time, and the habits will snowball back to leaving you more lethargic and therefore less likely to counteract the pattern. The less you do, the less you will do... until you are really doing nothing at all. And I don't only mean in fitness. When we are lethargic and over-fat (I don't like to use the word weight, because the thing that makes too much weight bad is fat), we stop taking advantage of life. We start avoiding it. We start avoiding being social, avoiding getting dressed to enjoy the days (rather dressing to get by as comfortably as possible), avoiding exercising life.

Is this an option? To spend the days avoiding and avoiding? It is wasteful. Life is full of so many amazing experiences and relationships, and it is in our immediate control whether we will waste or will grab it by the you-know-what and start living.


It isn't easy. It requires one rounding up all of the mental and psychological strength that their physicality houses and keeping it on the edge of their skin for as much of each day as they can muster. When you feel motivated, you have to take advantage and jump into high-gear and love every minute of that high of accomplishment. Soon, you will crave that accomplishment, and you won't be able to settle for... settling. You will have to keep moving forward, because that is what life IS. We are here to re-invent, to improve, to prove our full potential to ourselves. If today, you are unhappy with who you are, whether it be physically, mentally or otherwise, that's okay. Ideally, you will adore yourself every day. But if you are at the beginning of a journey to get to the place where you are living fully in the NOW, take your first step.

Your first step is this: Make each and every day a little bit more progressive than the day before it. And what do I mean by progressive? Eating foods that serve you well, that respect your body and teach you to respect your body by eating them. Move - in one way or another. Our bodies are designed to move. That is our purpose! Then start to think about how you're feeling. Your chemistry will be changing, your energy and happiness levels increase. Your opinion on what you can and cannot change will... CHANGE!

In a world of difficult situations that we cannot control, the devastation of our deteriorating health is one thing that more often than not, we CAN control. And changing the health changes absolutely every single minor detail of our existence...

If you need extra help - someone to listen, coach, push, guide, encourage and smile at you while you change your life, you can call me. When you feel like giving up, simply think about someone in your life who you wanted to see succeed and take advantage of all that they could, rather than give up and live sadly. Think about how desperately you want that person to pick themselves up and move forward and shed the weight (figuratively) of being stuck feeling helpless.

Let's make the world better.... it starts with you. First.