This is a conversation that I've been having with quite a few clients lately. At the beginning of a fitness program, or of the inclusion of fitness into your life, it feels so daunting. The "healthy" food all sounds awful, and all you can think about is that fat-soaked, cheese-dripping pizza of the old days. Exercise just feels hard. That satisfaction that your trainer keeps going on and on about is something that you can't for the life of you understand.

So here is my response to this. Because I DO understand it. I know how it feels when you feel trapped in a world where none of this stuff is for you - I mean, bad food and inactivity is what lands us there. And continuing those habits keep us there, comfy and lethargic and medicating ourselves with fat and sugar.

Sure - if you don't understand my passionate raves about beautiful fresh kale and the exhilaration of sweat and endorphins, that's okay. But it doesn't mean that you don't have a responsibility to still push through what feels difficult. Wouldn't it be so easy if everything I ever said resonated so well with you and suddenly you were steamed thoroughly with motivation and inspiration to eat egg whites and spinach for dinner? It doesn't ALWAYS work that way.

But, eating nutrition is part of our responsibility of owning a human body. Exercising is general maintenance required to sustain your life. I know I've said this 5,000 times in this blog, but here goes again: You can't later trade in your body for a new one once you've mucked it all up. Yes, you can come to me and I can help you to fine tune it, but you don't get another one. It houses your life, and without it, you do not have a life! Is that not worth a bit of effort?

It's hard in the beginning. There is a hump, you need to push. You have to force down some clean food until your deceived taste buds get used to the real thing. You have to force your heart to do a little pumping before it feels at home cleansing itself with sweat most days. But the most important lesson here is - you have to. You just have to do it.

People might tell you that you have a choice, and usually I am kind and sweet and forgiving and gentle. But this is one thing that I would be lying if I said I felt differently. You don't have a choice. You have a body, you have to learn how to take care of it. You have teeth that need brushing, you have children or pets or plants that need to be fed, you have a job / work assignments that need to be accomplished.

Don't put it off! It doesn't get any easier than it is right now. So get through the hard stuff immediately. Shut off your brain, don't complain, and just do what you need to do. You'll be laughing and smiling and jumping and jogging in no time.