I am still in New York City. By myself, for 5 days. I've had the most enjoyable trip of my life... Yesterday (Sunday), I had the great eventual pleasure of visiting the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the MET. McQueen was an incredibly creative, daring, sometimes dark-minded designer / artist. His brilliance is admired by many and misunderstood by an equal number of people. All I could hear, while walking through the exhibition, was "That's scary," "I'm frightened," "This is like a horror movie." The exhibition really took you to somewhere that you were uncomfortable with, because it represented the designer's mind so well. But sometimes discomfort is the most important part of life - it makes us feel things. It provides conflict and contrast needed for progression. By the end of the exhibition, I was stifling my need to weep. It was such a thorough presentation of such incredible feeling and... well, BEAUTY. In its darkness and its lightness.

The reason why I find enough relevance of this experience to my wellness blog, is because we need to feel uncomfortable to later feel moved, inspired and essentially free. Because when it was finished, I felt lifted and enlightened. And that is what edgy situations of all kinds result in. Traveling alone can be uncomfortable. I get anxious in airports, on planes, in taxis, on subways... but when I got off the subway, I felt invigorated! I know, it sounds so silly. But when you grit your teeth, move forward with something new (yes, I'm abnormal and public transportation makes me shake), you feel lighter afterwards.

The same is true for workouts, trying new activities... Really, anything that is a little bit uncomfortable. So try something new. Find light in the dark and beauty in the struggle. The greater the struggle, the greater the relief. Work harder. Challenge yourself. And finally, keep an open mind when it comes to certain people's expression, they could be more brilliant and closer to freedom than you might initially understand. RIP Alexander McQueen.