These days, there are a lot of fitness professionals who are travelling to their clients' homes (including me) rather than opening a gym or a studio. There are a lot of people who would like to workout as efficiently as possible, while making its execution as easy as possible (no more excuses!) by staying in-home. Here is a list of benefits to training at home:

1. You don't spend the extra half hour to hour in travel time alone, getting to and from. You can use this time to hang out with your family, catch up on work, get things done around the house or link up with a friend for a coffee!

2. You don't have to lug a big gym bag to the office with you. Your workout clothes and shoes will be at home, in their place, ready for you.

3. You can shower afterwards in the comfort of your home home - with use of your own products, and without the hygiene threat of a shared cleansing space with people you don't know.

4. You can execute all exercises properly, without feeling self-conscious about how you look while doing them. You will have privacy, and not worry about that really chatty person in the change room, or the guy or girl who stares at or hits on you all the time!

5. You can avoid the pushy salesperson who insists they have your best interest in mind, however seems to be belittling you or manipulating you into purchasing training packages, classes, weight loss programs, etc.

6. You will avoid the "clipboard trainer". The trainer who uses cookie-cutter programs, going down the list and checking things off, rather than interacting with your body's response, and working with it as an individual. SOME big gyms also hire trainers who don't teach their clients too much, in hopes of retaining their NEED for the service.

7. No need to worry about parking expenses or fighting for a parking space.

8. After your workout when you're starving, you'll be more likely to whip up something healthy and creative at home, rather than give in to temptation of bad choices on the drive/walk home. This can save you money, and can save the results of your workout.

9. Learning creative ways to use free space for your workout. This encourages exercises that use more of your BODY rather than a machine, and the results arrive significantly faster. You do NOT need much or even any equipment for your very best workout.

10. Getting used to training in your home space will only encourage you to do more of it on your own. Before you know it, you will have the tools and knowledge to fill the gaps between your sessions very efficiently, streamlining your results.

Your best gym can be anywhere! In-home training is the best solution for many people. Both you and your trainer can eliminate distractions, keep it personal (because it is), keep it incredibly progressive, and easier for you. No matter what your level of athleticism, your BEST POSSIBLE WORKOUT is waiting for you in your living room.

*Stay tuned for some videos on how to use your home space for your best workout!