CBC Radio1 just called and chatted with me in the middle of my workout out in the sunshine, in downtown Toronto. I need to elaborate on the way outdoor workouts can expand the way we feel after exercising.

It's scary, right?  It's much less predictable.  Not only the weather, but there are more THINGS out there in the vast, wide open world that can cross your path, make you rearrange your route, cause you to think on your feet, and (gasp) can allow you to be seen.

But then here comes the positive angle to those very vulnerabilities - outdoor workouts and their unpredictability spur creativity, help with both physical AND mental agility (quick dodging, solutions, decisive accuracy), and lead to a massive boost in confidence that comes with being out in the wild world, versus a room equipped for a streamlined exercise agenda. Our indoor workouts must be creative and invigorating as well, but don't discount the regenerating effects of the outdoors, and a change to your exercise routine.

I've known many people and clients to be afraid to train outdoors because they felt embarrassed. They thought that they looked silly.  And before workouts became such a massive part of my life and work, I used to carry the same self-consciousness.  But I'm about to nip that right in the butt - have you EVER seen someone running or exercising outdoors and thought to yourself "Wow, they look really stupid?"  Likely not.  Usually, if you pass someone exercising outside, you feel some kind of envy for their boldness, for how fresh they must feel, for how they've taken life by the reigns.  Usually, you say to yourself "I wish I would do that", and "wow, good for them."

I've noticed a very big difference in my clients' moods when we train outdoors - we are, after all, a part of nature.  And sometimes we tend to forget that, because our evolutionary nature has struck large concrete buildings and technological intricacies all around the way that we live.  But, and I mentioned this on the program, kids craving the outdoors and exerting their energy in fresh air is never a task to complete.  It is a natural inclination.  And adults, though we have complicated this measure and get a bit lost from it from time to time, need to reconnect with this natural inclination. It keeps us youthful, indeed, but it is also just a necessity for all human beings. It's in our nature to be in nature.  The avoidance of it throws off our hormones and suffocates or represses our stresses. 

I'm always happy to give you a boost and guide you there in person - but I'll also challenge you to light that fire behind your behind, yourself.  It will FEEL so good that it will take care of itself, and that refreshing and de-stressing feeling of liberation will push you out there time and time again. Go!


**Special thanks for London and Marley Lloyd being somewhat featured in this photo of super fun trampoline jumping from a few years ago ;)**