Is your motivation starting to wane? Well stop that. This is important. This is the most important thing in your life - because if you don't take care of yourself, your life doesn't continue in any kind of productive manner. When we are not well we are worse partners in relationships, worse parents to our children, worse workers in our careers and can't, then, inspire and encourage the people around us to take care of THEMSELVES.

Don't you want to prevent spending months or years in a hospital bed? Surgeries? The discomfort of arthritis and osteoporosis? Heart disease and cancer? Hell, don't you want to LOOK GOOD NAKED?

We're halfway through January. This isn't about a short-lived resolution, it's about taking responsibility for your life. If you're focused more on work, your children, taking care of your parents - remind yourself the following: You will not enjoy your job success if you are not well. You will not be the parent you can be if you are not well. You will not be dependable to take care of aging folks if you are not well. This time needs to be put in FIRST in order for you to then be as "selfless" as you perhaps wish to be.

And going through life feeling uncomfortable in your body is wasted time, wasted life.

Get your ass moving. And for the love of humanity and our health care system - quit smoking today.

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