It's easy to get a bit lost these days with regards to what we feel we should be doing in the gym. Instagram, for one huge example, has millions of accounts featuring exciting and creative new workout moves. 

So, I need to write about this a little bit today to keep us all on track with our own goals. 

As with lifestyle itself, there is a balance to the inspiration you lap up.  There are some incredibly daring and impressive exercises to be seen on social media platforms that help us all to get new ideas, try new things, which is of course very important in the interest of keeping your body challenged, keeping us interested and busting plateaus.  Some accounts are experts doing their most difficult and daring moves, trying to impress with numbers or creativity.  Sometimes fancy exercises are really effective. Sometimes, however, they compromise effectiveness completely, so you do have to be careful.  Things are not ALWAYS as good as they look! And, of course, you must consider injuries.  Don't forget, if you do too much of something or do it incorrectly, an injury is the fastest way to lose what you've accomplished and prevent getting to your goals. "Risk vs. Benefit" is an important concept to respect in the world of training. 

Sometimes my clients will tag me in moves that look really fun, look like they target all the right things, but are in fact completely inappropriate for that particular person's anatomical structure or their goals. 

I think having our "feeds" flooded is doing more good than bad.  It pumps up our motivation, jogs creativity and ultimately is getting a ton of people more focused on fitting exercise and nutritional direction into their days.  But do remember, some of the classic exercises are classics because they work.  Form is vital, stability leads to optimal muscle recruitment which leads to results, and harder is quite frankly NOT always better.

Workouts are not about slamming you to the ground, making you throw up or burning an "epic" amount of calories. They are about getting strong, fast, efficient and fit.  Get inspired, but remain diligent and smart in your training. Most of all, listen to your body.  If you feel like you're taking shortcuts or missing what you're supposed to feel, you're probably doing something incorrectly.