So, yesterday was one of those days when you needed to bust up the squeaky clean routine.  You needed to pretend there wasn't a concept of tomorrow, to put your nine-to-five up on the shelf and enjoy yourself! Michael Jackson was with you the whole way.

Bet you're feeling pretty lousy, huh? Eyes are heavy and darting, heart is racing once you sit up, but your abs look great? Trust me, you'll inflate once you eat again!

You want something potato-based and covered in some lard-like syrup asap. Am I right?

Well, there is a way that you can lessen that feeling (of course learning from your mistake of surpassing your fifth drink is the best one, but nobody listens to me - and this includes me, on occasion).

You won't like it.  Hangovers can make us apathetic and cynical - I can only imagine the grunting some readers must emit. In any case, Sunshine, here it is:

1.  Workout.  Do light, manageable cardio for 40- 60 minutes, or whatever you can manage.  Ten minutes is better than none.  Toxicity is trapped in your body and needs to be sweated out.

2.  Eat something high in fibre.  The starch will help you to feel more stable, and the fibre also helps to flush out some of the toxicity.

3.  Sip on water all day long, and start the day off with 3-4 glasses.

4. Distract yourself and stay busy - nothing is better than fresh air / nature when you've spent the following night in a crowded, stuffy club or bar.

5. Sleep early to make the NEXT day come faster.

Also, don't forget to investigate all of your embarrassing moments so that you think twice next time.

This last one has often worked for me.