I really get off on letting my mind wander. It wanders into many different scenarios, real or false. Based on possibilities, probabilities, but ultimately it reflects a curiosity and interest. Without which I would not be able to follow other people's thoughts and ideas. Without which I wouldn't be able to connect as well with other people. Sometimes, this trait of letting my mind wander to question and examine things can be distracting and occasionally off-putting to others. But, I value it over being sure of things all the time. I like the journey of wrestling around. I like to THINK and FEEL, and it's always been an enormous part of my life's work. You might not notice it if you pop in for a session and you just feel the work you're doing, every crevice working in just the right way (and none of the bad ways). But you experience a workout like that because of our connection, because of communication and often because of intuition that has bloomed from a busy mind.

By allowing your brain to explore beyond the face value of situations and/or circumstances, not only do you become more intuitive but you also become more adaptive. If you explore different possibilities, you are readying yourself to react to them. Is life really as interesting if we don't examine it? How do we remain empathetic, remain feeling what others feel if we don't wrap our brain around them again and again and in different ways?

I've finally accepted that I wouldn't have it any other way. But the most important message in this short post today is that YOU are the way YOU are for a reason. We ALL are the way we are for a reason. If you are finding fault in it, or if someone is telling you that you're flawed, I encourage you to try to think about it in a different light and consider why the traits that you possess might be of great value to you along your individual path. Most of us spend too much time stunted by self doubt, and too much time feeling itched by the opinions of others. Sometimes others don't know best ;) - and, letting your mind run around does not always signify self doubt. Rather, it can mean a deep interest in life and in people, and a caring, meticulous nature.

So once again, I just have to drive the message out into all of us who are easily influenced these days (by no fault of our own), that we are all just fine the way we are. I'm beginning to notice that the people I keep close to me live by this very understanding, and that I crave more of this mindset in our world. Ultimately, each individual's self-acceptance benefits the rest of us more than most things, because authenticity shines.