Oh hey, it's "I-ate-too-much yesterday" Monday.

Falling off track happens to everybody.  For some people, it's every single weekend.

If you tend to fall off track a little more frequently, it's not necessarily the end of the world, but you do have to have a solid, tested and true plan to stick to hustle yourself back on again and again, to be able to spend the majority of your time feeling great, invigorated, self-serving, purposeful and progressive.

Here's what to do when it's time to shift gears again.

  1. Don't look behind you.  Don't dwell or guilt yourself too hard for undertaking a quality of life lesser than what you're comfortable with.  Sometimes there's a reason for it - sometimes we need to experience a couple of sluggish days to reinstate our appreciation of the animated and charged ones. Start imagining how you will feel at the end of today, at the end of tomorrow, at the end of the week after getting your blood pumping, nourishing yourself with great food and pushing grogginess behind you.
  2. Stock your fridge. And plan your meals!  Have the tools on hand to get those health meals into yourself as an investment to avoid hunger spikes and bad decisions.  Make a list of 3 breakfast options, 3 lunch options and 3 dinner options for the week (plus some snack ideas), and stick to them.  Sometimes a little bit of monotony can be a great thing, if it leads to balanced sugar levels (meaning better moods, better productivity, etc.) A little monotony in your food and wellness habits can provide exactly the opposite in how you experience your days.
  3. DON'T expect or pressure yourself to have the best workout of all time fresh out the gate. The goal here is to oxygenate your cells, move your muscles around, loosen your joints and get the blood moving.  Do something that feels NICE, not something too arduous. And on day two, you'll be jonesing to push a little harder.  I like a good, easy cardio session the first day back after a little hiatus.  You want to feel fresh, optimistic and energized, not frustrated and defeated.
  4. Shop.  I know, I know.  But seriously - sometimes investing $100 (or $50, or $250 depending on who you are and your budget!) in a new pair of shoes can really spike some wind through your sails.  Occasionally, a little materialistic upgrade can be the push we need to get excited about activity again.  If all else fails, give it a shot.  Just USE those poor shoes who are craving some fulfillment - don't let them collect dust!
  5. If you're eating well, planning your meals, sporting great workout threads and STILL feeling stuck in a trench, call in some help.  What you're lacking now, it would seem, is inspiration.  This is where a professional OR a new modality altogether might be the answer. Be bold and book a rock climbing class, commit to a 30 day twice weekly yoga routine, join a run group or try a strength video online 2-3 times / week to spice things up.  Stagnancy is like a swamp, and there's nothing appealing about living a swampy life.

This should do it!  

If there's something else that you believe contributes largely to your "stuckness" and would like a little wriggling, let me know! I love to come across a challenge that poses a solution I've yet to uncover. Or, share your go-to tips for climbing out of a wellness ditch in the comments below!


*In the feature photo we have Sam Houston the bulldog, hiding his head in shame from spending a weekend partying too much, exercising too little and eating far too many treats. Don't worry Sam, get back on the horse!