I don't know anyone who hasn't popped into a Tim Hortons on a whim for a quick hunger or caffeine fix - at least in Canada, that is. I'll make what to choose very simple for you, as I have the nutrition guide sitting right beside me. Too many people are opting for what they think is healthy, and... allow me to shed some light on the artery-clogging and disappointing truth.

BEST: Chicken Noodle Soup - 110 cal, 1.5g/fat Minestrone Soup - 130 cal, 1.5g/fat Chicken Vegetable & Rice Soup - 120 cal, 1.5g/fat *the ones that didn't make the list are FAR too high in sodium, and / or fat. The Chili you would think would be a great option - not at 1,320 mg sodium/ serving!

Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich - (for extra points, lose the bacon!) 370 cal, 7g/fat Toasted Chicken Club - 370 cal, 7g/fat Chicken Salad - 340 cal, 9g/fat *note that these values don't include any extra sauces or cheese. If you need something, try a little mustard - leave the mayo!

The lowfat muffins are both under 300 cal and 2.5g/fat, but do you want the 30g/sugar? I'd pass.

The yogurt and berries are 20-25g/sugar, 140-160 cal and 2.5g/fat. I'd pass on these too.

If you must have a bagel, go with plain, blueberry or onion. They're lower in calories and fat than the others. I'd also ask for either peanut butter or cheddar cheese (no butter) over the cream cheese - find out why in the "WORST" section!

Tea, coffee.

Okay, I don't even have any more material for the "BEST" section.


Chili - 300 cal, 19g/fat AND TOO MUCH SODIUM! Hearty Potato Bacon Soup - 230 cal, 13g/fat Cream of Broccoli Soup - 160 cal, 9g/fat

BLT Sandwich - 420 cal, 18g/fat Egg Salad Sandwich - 360 cal, 13g/fat Ham & Swiss Sandwich - 390 cal, 12 g/fat AND 1,450 mg/sodium! Disgusting!

Wheat Carrot Muffin - 400 cal, 19g/fat!! Whole Grain Raspberry Muffin - 400 cal, 17g/fat (see how labels are misleading? Walnut Crunch Donut - 360 cal, 23g/fat Honey Cruller - 320 cal, 19g/fat Also, stay away from the old fashioned plain and old fashioned glazed.

12 Grain Bagel - 330 cal, 9g/fat Cream Cheese, plain - 144 cal, 14g/fat Cream Cheese, herb and garlic - 141 cal, 13g/fat

Cookies - all bad. Speciality Baked Goods - all bad. If you MUST grab something sweet... grab 2 apple fritter timbits - each 50 cal, 1.5g/fat.

Hot Chocolate - 240 cal, 6g/fat, 38g/sugar! Iced Cappuccino - 250 cal, 11g/fat, 33g/sugar

If you're looking for a snack to alter your mood, try a tea - not a donut. If you're looking for a healthy, filling snack - opt for the chicken soup or a turkey sandwich with no dressing.

Then, you can stay on track, lean and healthy, even while on the road.

*all information attained form the Tim Hortons Nutrition Guide, Canadian Edition.