Have you ever heard anybody ask "Why do we have to work our whole lives, to make money just to be able to live?" It's an interesting philosophical question. I don't really want to go too far into that, but I will say that working - output, for the good of something other than JUST ourselves, is an important exercise for human nature. My real point in bringing this question up is that just as we have to go through life working / contributing toward society, making money to sustain a habitat and food, etc., we also need to work our bodies, throughout our lifetime in order for our bodies to keep us.

I have a newsflash for you. Nothing is free. Love isn't even free - you have to give it in order get it back in a useful way that you can enjoy. Working, output - wrestling with obstacles and using our time in a way that benefits something or someone else (no matter whether you love your job or not) - is an important facet of life. Our output does result in payback - and whether that comes in the form of an individual's appreciation of you, a promotion, or just your own heightened appreciation of your time off, this still reigns true.

Your health is not free. Your body and your wellness is not free. If you decide not to work, not to give any part of yourself, not to exercise (figuratively) for something other than yourself, you will fall behind and your struggles will snowball, inevitably. You may end up starving on the streets. If you avoid taking good care of your body, putting in the work in order to have a functioning, proper physicality, your struggles in that area, too, will snowball. You may end up suffering in a hospital, or simply having your life taken away too soon. Not exercising and not eating real foods is not an option, as far as I'm concerned. If you want to keep your body, and you want to have health that doesn't punish you and torture you, you simply must work. Like brushing your teeth, feeding your baby, walking your dog, paying your bills, it must be done. It is a part of life, for humans.

Please don't avoid life. Start earning your keep today.

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