The first step begins with deciding to eat from home more often, and planning your grocery shopping before you go.  This is probably one of the most beneficial moves you can make in accomplishing making your body much leaner and healthier. Eating out is the fastest way to GAIN excess fat, because of excess calories and fat, and eating in is in turn the fastest way to LOSE excess fat by remaining consistent, choosing your foods wisely and being prepared to avoid hunger and cravings.

What you bring home from the grocery store is going to be your big determining factor.  Make a list of all of the classic foods that you will purchase repeatedly, write them down, take your list with you, and make sure you are fed before you go!  If you go grocery shopping hungry, many of us know, those higher-glycemic, high-calorie foods are quickly tossed into the basket - and our brain refuses to dwell on it, for satisfying the discomfort of hunger comes first.  A snack will curve this setback, which usually only brings guilt and further discomfort from being pegged down with bad foods.

When making your list, categorize your foods.  Be realistic about what you are going to eat, but choose from the peripheral of the grocery store as much as possible.  Spend time in the produce section grabbing fruits and vegetables that you know you'll be likely to eat with breakfast, as snacks, in omelettes or rice dishes... In the dairy section, grab some cheese, milk, yogurt and eggs (egg whites are amazing to add to eggs for extra protein without the same amount of fat, although whole eggs are nutritionally dense as well).  Choose your grains wisely - oatmeal and brown rice are best.  Try to fill the rest up with legumes, as they are versatile and provide good amount of fibre and protein. Wheat is too commonly reached for, and many of us have become intolerant to it by depending on it so much.  Next, some raw, unsalted nuts, and then some lean meats (if you eat meat).  Try to keep to these basics, and become creative with them.  It will really help to keep you on track.

The more we eat out, and sometimes the more variety we have in the house, the lazier we become with food and the more we let cravings control us.  Organizing your meals should come from your brain first, and you will be satisfying your stomach before it knew it had any complaints!  Over the years, this has been my number one, hands down, fat-loss trick.  Eat from home more often, get creative with healthy foods, keep it simple and don't shop or plan meals when hungry.  If you're not used to it, fight a little bit harder in the beginning and it will become routine.  Just like fat disappearing off your body will be the routine, as well.

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