Labour Day is over, and that energy of ROUTINE is stirring in the air. Take advantage of this, because routine is exactly what it takes to get into your best body and best life, to be honest. A little stability and structure. If you already know that, and you want to know what's next, I'm going to make this incredibly simple for you.

*First things first - you have to want it. Do you want to be leaner and stronger? Why? Sort that out in your mind. Being in a lean and strong body makes life better in a million different ways. You know you're less likely to be sick, you're going to be happy, you're going to have great energy levels, you're going to have high confidence and you will love presenting yourself to the world. This is important. So, I'm going to assume that you want it - remind yourself why, and let's move on to the next step.

*Stock your fridge. Resolve to eat in restaurants less, or when you do, focus that meal around clean protein and vegetables. Keep healthy options available to yourself at all times.

*Track your meals if you can, again, to gain some regularity that will lead to looking and feeling better after only 3 DAYS. I'm not lying, if you eat well for 3 days you will see and feel a difference. So, track it to get in that direction - and the even better news is, after 3 days of stable blood sugar and good nutrition, your cravings will be far less of an issue to keep going and see even better results over the next few weeks.

*Block out your workouts. Book them in as if you're meeting a trainer who's going to charge you if you don't show up (even if you're not meeting a trainer!). You need to make this commitment to yourself. It doesn't have to be an hour, it can be 20 minutes, but you have to be consistent.

That's it, guys. Want it first. Prepare for it with fresh food around, and track your food and plan your workouts. Get on the ball. The rest of this blog is filled with posts about why it's worth it, so I'll keep this pretty instructional today. Just bloody well do it because it's bloody well worth doing.

Revel in this progressive energy, and have a great week!