Jessica Manning | Founder


Jessica Manning worked in an ice cream parlour in high school and had no concept of nutrition or activity. She was lethargic and uncomfortable in her body, constantly. Once she began reading about nutrition and experimenting with exercises, something clicked.

She had found her calling – she completely understands how the body works, what’s best and what’s not so great, and how humans are supposed to work with and live alongside food. She became certified as a nutritionist and personal trainer in high school, knowing that sharing her knowledge with others was the only career choice for her.

Fourteen years later, Jessica’s experience and success with hundreds of clients have equipped her fail-proof methods. She helps each client find a method of effective exercise that they will love, and keep up for good. She works delicately with fine-tuning clients’ eating habits to create happier, fitter and more energetic lives. There are no obstacles that Jessica can’t surpass with her clients – from low back pain, to arthritis in the knees, to repairing muscles after pregnancy – Jessica has faced and fixed it all.

“If you make the choice to do it, do it right and do it for good.”