Stephanie Inouye, Doctor

“I have been training with Jessica for over one year. Not only has she helped me improve my cardiovascular endurance and overall strength, but she also helped tone and sculpt my body for my wedding. Although my wedding day has passed, I will continue to work hard with Jess as my trainer!”

Keri Levine, Graphic Designer

“I had been working out on my own and had seen a bit of success. I educated myself on nutrition and did cardio workouts at the gym, and a few videos that I had purchased. I decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer because I just felt that I needed a jumpstart to really see major changes. Jessica has introduced me to the world of strength training, and so many of my own muscles that I never knew existed! She has shown me brand new exercises that I never would have experienced on my own. And to my surprise, she even taught me how moves – ones that I thought I had been doing right for ages – were not quite there! (I don’t think I ever did a proper squat before I met Jessica!) The greatest thing about these workouts is that I can see and feel my body composition and muscle tone changing in a way that it never would on my own. I always thought that I looked pretty cute, but now when I get dressed up for a night out with my friends, I feel like I’ve never looked better!”

Fred Thompson, retired Financial Consultant

“I’m happy when she shows up, and happy to see her leave! At 87 years old, I am playing golf 3 days / week and still living very independently in a home on my own. Not only am I still avidly playing golf, my game is improving! Working with Jessica has improved my balance, my arthritis, and has kept me participating in everything I love. Not to mention, she has probably tacked years onto my life. I’ve recommended her to many. I don’t always feel like doing it, but I am always glad once I’ve done it."

Ryan Steels, Assistant VP, Lending

“I have been into competitive sports my whole life. After participating in CrossFit, which I loved, I had an injured shoulder and wasn’t able to continue with the same style of training I’d been used to. Jessica gave me the circuit-style, functional workouts that I loved from CrossFit, while paying such careful attention to form and to rehabilitation. We’ve rebuilt my shoulder, and likely avoided a host of future injuries. She trains smart, and she caters to everyone’s workout needs. Highly recommend her.”

Courtney Thompson, Doctor

“I’ve been training with Jess for 6 years. We started together when I was in med school, and she designed programs for my trips abroad to India and Tanzania. I’ve been consistent with our workouts twice weekly for 6 years, and they seem to be the one thing I always manage to fit in when life gets crazy. She has an innate understanding for how the body works, and she keeps my workouts fresh. My body and health are taken care of, which is essential for my busy life.”

Alden Cuddihey, Consultant

“Over many years, my fitness goals have changed and morphed and evolved, and Jessica has always had a program to suit and to change with them. But throughout the years, my changing goals and her evolving business, one thing that has never changed is her obsession with perfect form, and her obsession with the core! Get ready to feel things you’ve never felt before.”




Jasmina Jhooti, Sr. VP, Sales and Marketing

“The first photo here is me in April 2012. The second is in October 2012. In a matter of months, I’ve been turned into a fit and lean strength training machine! What works is having the 24 hour support and advice. I text Jessica from restaurants, she hops online and looks at the menu and promptly gives me the best options to order. She’s corrected my present and made me excited for my future in this new body.”