Training Style


In her sixteen years of experience, Jessica has found the key to getting each individual client to their best shape in the quickest way possible without cutting any corners.


Her approach has been so successful that she has shared it with her trainers, and together they are able to reach and transform more lives across the city.


We train most of our participants in their homes or condo gyms, whether they have zero equipment or a full gym. We also operate out of downtown facilities and the beautiful outdoors.

The Tools

The tools used are pieces that lend themselves to functional fitness, such as cables, bands, swiss balls, bosus and most importantly – the participants’ own bodies. We respect individual biomechanics, improve cardiovascular function and strengthen the functionality of the core. We protect and improve mobility in the joints and correct posture in ALL clients. We carefully examine imbalances and swiftly apply training to counter them, while the workouts remain exciting and challenging.  No matter what your age or fitness level – our expertise is to identify exactly what your body needs to get into its best functioning shape.

Expect a significant increase in energy and optimism. You should feel the difference within two weeks. Expect to be tight and strong, and to go through life with an abundance of confidence. Expect to learn how to train your body and feed yourself optimally, for good. We empower our clients to silence the noise in the industry, find what works for them, and then never waste another day fussing over the wrongs tactics. Health is the most important investment you can make.



Our group classes – which are basically the most fun, core-focused circuit classes you will ever try – are widely popular among the corporate world.

Our participants love the break midday or the energy boost at the end of a long, sedentary work day. With a circulation-boosting warm-up, body carving strength moves and endorphin-pumping cardio bursts, our classes improve productivity, morale, and lead to a much healthier and happier workplace.

Please contact us to find out about our packages for your group or workplace.

No workplace? No problem. We are available to conduct classes to many different kinds of groups. If you are looking for some active aging for a group of seniors, a boost of morale and wellness for your youth group or simply a neighbourhood bootcamp, give us a shout. Getting everyone moving is our main love.